Event Details
Event: Dragon Boat Race & Festival
Date: Saturday May 12th
Time: 8:00AM - 9:00AM
Location: Point Mallard Aquatic Center Beach
Description: Get the Ride of your Life Saturday, May 13th, at Point Mallard Aquatic Center Beach.
Starting at 8:30 am
The Decatur Morgan Hospital Foundation is a community-based organization providing financial support to the programs and services of Decatur Morgan Hospital. The only not-for-profit hospital in our area, Decatur Morgan Hospital provides care to all who need it, regardless of ability to pay, yet receives no tax support. Thus, gifts made to the Foundation enable Decatur Morgan Hospital to continue its dedication to excellence in healthcare for our community. In addition to patient support and care, the hospital is committed to the advancement of health awareness education and the expansion of healthcare facilities for our community.
For more information please contact the Foundation Department 256.973.2187
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